2D Drafting Services

AST Architectural Drawing Services
Tools: AutoCAD, Micro station

AST Drawing Services help clients utilize powerful tools like AutoCAD and Micro station in 2D drafting across multiple disciplines like Piping, E&I and Civil/Structural. AST has expertise in converting drawings from paper to digital copies across all types of 2D drawings including elevations, floor plans, sections, site plans and other details. AST Drafters can rebuild drawing sheets to create full-scale 1:1, Dimensionally Accurate, Layered, CAD files using CAD Software based on client’s need. These are then verified and checked for quality by experienced Team Managers to ensure precision and conformation to Client’s standards. At AST, we offer a wide spectrum of managing, migrating and maintaining CAD (Computer Aided Design) files through services like:

  • Conversion of Paper Prints into Digital Formats.
  • Conversion of entire Legacy Database to useful Engineering Information by making use of the Latest Technology.
  • Conversion of PDF/TIFF formats to *.dwg format.
  • Format migration across different CAD platforms
  • Conversion of all paper based legacy source data including manual sketches, study drawings or built drawings into intelligent P & IDs.

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